Tennis Coaching.

LTA Level 5 Master Coach – RPT Tennis Director – USPTA Elite Pro

Ultimately as a coach my role is to inspire you and help you build a champion mindset.

Individual Lessons

Individual tennis lessons give you the opportunity to work with me one-to-one. Together we will develop your technical skills and tactical play as well as your movement. Depending on your stage of development improving your knowledge and application of mental performance skills and nutrition will also enhance your performance. I’d love to share your passion for tennis and help you be the best you can be regardless of your age or current playing level.

Tennis Clinics

The aim of a tennis clinic is to focus on developing a specific area of tennis in a group lesson. This could be technical or tactical, in singles or doubles. Clinics can be tailored to the group and could also include workshops in other areas of the game such as mental performance or strength and conditioning. Clinics could last a few days or just a couple of hours. Contact me now to organise your tailored tennis clinic.

Corporate Days

Join me for a unique, entertaining, challenging, educational and enjoyable corporate tennis day. A fantastic way to engage and network with clients, guests and colleagues. Corporate tennis days are bespoke to your requirements and could be a half day or full day event. Corporate tennis days are accessible to everyone, of any age and of any skill level, unlike a golf day for example that requires you to be able to play the game already.