Upon deciding to re-brand my website I decided I also wanted a new logo. I wanted a logo that would represent not just my coaching but would also look professional for speaking engagements and on my website. My previous logo served me well, however, was very bold and had no colour to it. I contacted Mark Sims who always does a fantastic job when I need something designed or a professional looking website. The brief was very simple and I will put the idea behind the final design below.

Circular in Shape

A circular designed logo reflects the shape of a tennis ball.

The Colours

The colours of blue, green and orange represent the different court surfaces. Hard court, grass court and clay court.

The Text

The different shades of grey make my name easy to read and go nicely with the colours of the circular symbol. One thing I went over and over in my head was the fact that the first letter of my name and surname are not in capitals. Mark explained to me how many people are now doing this as it does not look so harsh on the eye. After asking for a version with capitals and showing the various versions to many people everyone said the text looked better without the capitals.