3 Reasons To Stay With Your Coach

1. The coach values you as a person

The coach you like working with most, the teacher you remember from school and the job you loved most were likely because you felt valued as a person. 

If you do not feel valued it is unlikely you will want to continue working with your coach, stay in the job you’re in or respect your school teacher.

Ways your coach makes you feel valued:

– Your coach knows and remembers your name.

– Your coach shows an interest in your wider life: your day, what you are up to tonight & at the weekend, your family, hobbies and your birthday. 

– Your coach inspires you, sees the good in you and motivates you. 

– Your coach cares about you. Cares about your progress and takes into account the day you’ve had. 

– Your coach adds value to your life in a positive way.

2. You learn & improve

If you do not learn or improve you will not want to continue. Why? Because when you learn and improve you grow in confidence and it makes you feel good. 

If you attend tennis lessons and are not improving lesson by lesson, week by week, month by month you will become frustrated and start to lack confidence. Eventually this will lead to you leaving the sport.

You must learn and you must improve and you must work with a coach that understands it is their job to ensure this happens. 

3. The session was fun & enjoyable

If you ask any child or adult that plays tennis why they started playing, most will say because they enjoyed playing or found it fun. It is more than likely you turn up because you have fun and enjoy your time on court with your coach. 

I hope this post was of value to you. I’d love to hear your thoughts, please do send me a message on Instagram (bysimonjames). 

Thank you for reading.

Simon James

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